Star Study Academy is offering STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)  Summer Camp. Our campers will have many opportunities to explore these areas by hands-on science experiments, engineering concepts, technology via Lego robotics,  math enrichment, and weekly art lessons. We study these areas together, not only because the skills and knowledge in each field are essential for student success, but also because these fields are deeply related in the real world. We also go on daily trips to  parks and weekly trips to science museums. Our Campers will have leadership and social skills workshops on a weekly basis.
During this summer 2019, Star Study Academy are planning a  3 dynamic weeks for summer camp that will start the week following the end of school: 
June 24th -June 28th.
And the last 2 weeks of August:
-August 19th- August 23rd.
-August 26th-August 30th
Ages: 5 years old through 13 years old
Time: Monday through Friday  8:00 AM to 6:30 PM
Food: Campers can bring their lunch/snacks from home; vending machine available for snacks.

Campers will be taught:

  • How to build simple machines with moving parts using Lego pieces. Students will be challenged to design and create their own machines. Exploring Lego robotics.
  • How to use Microsoft Office tools and make Power Point Presentations.
  • How to research for homework and school projects.
  • Science exploration through hands-on experiments, projects, and videos. Discussions on various topics such as Astronomy, Meteorology, Geology, Measurement Systems and many more.

The goals of Art, leadership and social skills training include:

  • We offer art lessons by a renowned artist.
  • Giving students an opportunity to grow into tomorrows leaders.
  • Improving students’ self-esteem by discussing proper social skills.
  • Practicing impromptu speaking through surprise topics.
  • Discussing and studying persuasive speaking techniques.
  • Workshops on social skills.

The Academic Enrichment program will include:

  • Students will receive one on one support on Summer Packets and Summer reading projects.
  • Language Arts and Math enrichment using computers.
  • Students working on individualized program that they will work on daily.
  • Daily discussions of short stories or books that students read.
  • Typing skills practice.

One or two days a week is dedicated to field trips.

Our field trips are included but not limited to American Museum of Natural History NYC, Mathematics Museum NYC,  Bronx Zoo NY, Bronx Botanical Garden NY, The Intrepid Museum NYC,  Liberty Science Center NJ, Field Station Dinosaurs NJ

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