Students receive homework help, project help, and support preparing for upcoming tests. As part of our S.T.E.A.M. afterschool program, students are required to practice their reading and math skills on a daily basis. They also do hands-on science and technology and engineering activities. Students also play board games or practice typing skills or learn coding and web hosting .
Time: Monday–Friday 3:30-6:00pm (*Late pickup available*)
Tuition: $450 / month fulltime.

After registration,  we discuss the students`academic performance with the parents to become familiar with the students`needs. We keep our communication lines open so that we are well informed about their school requirements, such as: homework, essays, quizzes, tests and projects. After students are picked up and brought to the academy, they have a short break. While having their light snack, they start working on their homework. Students will receive homework help and project help including but not limited to: language arts reports, projects for social studies, or science. Students who have upcoming tests or projects will be guided on their tasks.

In our Academy we emphasize reading and math every day. Our cozy and comfortable library is inviting to our students. Since reading and math is the basis of current and future education, we make sure that every student spends some time on reading and math skills enrichment. Reading and Math skills can be practiced via online resources and/or worksheets and workbooks appropriate for the student’s grade level. After Students finish with homework and prepare for any upcoming project or tests, they then work on skills that they are lacking. They work on their reading and math skills in order to get up to their grade level and beyond. Students will also be required and encouraged to complete the reading log required by some teachers.

Since we are living in the age of digital technology, it is crucial for all our students to have accessibility to computers. We make sure that all of our students feel comfortable using computers. In our Computer Lab, students will be taught basic Microsoft skills in order to become self-sufficient and be able to do research for their school projects on their own. After students finish their homework they will have a choice of doing research online, learning how to make power point presentations, or practicing their typing speed and accuracy and much more. Our computer lab will be used on a daily basis, as it is a part of our Afterschool Program curriculum. Students will be taught the proper usage of computers while practicing reading and math online.

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