COVID-19 outbreak

STAR STUDY ACADEMY is welcoming the new school year 2020-2021 and will be open for two sessions a day weekly :
-The remote learning assistance session every morning -And our regular After school program every afternoonPlease reserve your spot now as space is limited and we are running at half capacity during the pandemic. Below is a brief information about our program this year :To all Parents and Guardians. As we move through this difficult pandemic time and toward a recovery phase from COVID-19 situation, and as more and more parents begin to return to workplaces; there is a growing recognition and interest that expanded learning programs for children; are more essential than ever.That`s why we, at STAR STUDY ACADEMY decided to re-open although at half capacity, starting our fall session on Tuesday September 8th at 9 AM, bringing our experience in teaching and redesigning a new school day that combine both, assistance with your child school remote learning and our normal after school enrichment programs (Reading, science, math skill building, computer basics. Lego and Art…) to help meet the needs of children and families.Most importantly, we want all parents to be assured that basic sanitary and health-guided preventive practices will be implemented following CDC and NJDOE/DOH guidelines and will accord with all local, state, and federal mandates.For example, teachers, employees, and children will be asked to maintain a 6-foot distance and wear masks.Often-touched areas, like counters, desks, and door handles, will continuously be disinfected, and hand-washing and other appropriate hygiene will be enforced.Temperatures check will be taken on a daily basis by a non-contact temperature assessment device approved by the FDA ( Kids with above normal temperature will not be accepted )Our facility will follow all CDC guidelines that can be found here :, of our main goals this year is capitalizing on all of the positive climate and culture gains to ensure your child is provided the best educational experience possible and setting the standard of excellence that we implicitly expect of our scholars. to communicate this we will have– Remote learning session : This morning academic session will be running every morning from 9AM to 1PM , time subject to change following the Edgewater school district schedule ( We’ll continue to adjust our schedule as the Edgewater schools adjust their plans.)In this new instructional and operational environment, our focus will be to help students with their classwork during the morning hours — reviewing materials, helping them with assignments, etc. — as well to support them to complete daily homework assignments.As of now, we are planning to run the program from the first day of school in September. The monthly tuition fee based on 5 days per week is $550; 4 days per week is $500; 3 days per week is $450; and 2 days per week is $400.-After school enrichment program : This afternoon session will be running for 4 hours in total ( from 1PM to 4PM).During this session, students receive homework help. project help; they are also required to practice their reading and Math skills on a daily basis; they also do hands -on science;Art and engineering activities and they also play board games or practice computer typing skills.The monthly tuition fee based on 5 days per week is $450; 4 days per week is $400; 3 days per week is $375; and 2 days per week is $350.We look forward to an enriching and exciting school year, as always, we appreciate parents’ feedback, especially during this most challenging time.Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts that might help us provide support to our students in the best possible way; please share this information with your family and friends; and, of course, please let us know if you are interested in registering your child for one of our programs or both; as spots are limited.Best wishes for a safe, healthy, and successful year.Administration.