A safe, enriching environment after school hours is available at Star Study Academy. We provide afterschool transportation from Eleanor Van Gelder and George Washington schools in Edgewater to our academy.

Our center aligns with the year-round school calendars, and we offer fun-filled programs during holidays, no-school days, and other school breaks, as well as a summer camp.

Children can choose to have a snack, read a book, do homework or engage in other interests. We provide the perfect place for your child to explore and develop. Summer Camp is offered starting  the first week of July and ending  the last week of August. We offer a fun, educational, and structured program with field trips one or twice a week.

Our programs acknowledge  that each child is an individual with a variety of interests and needs. We offer a balance of organized, educational and recreational activities. Activities during the school year in our Afterschool Program and our Mini Science Camps are created to provide each child with activities that are fun, stimulating, and educational. Kindergarten through eighth-grade children can choose something different to do every day.

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Star Study Academy is designed to optimize effective learning and to ensure your success. With a convenient location, we make the tutoring experience convenient for you and the whole family. Our desks and workstations are carefully laid out to provide the perfect blend of personalized attention and privacy for study. This set up allows you to work one-to-one with a certified tutor and in a small group with a maximum of four students. By ensuring a low student to teacher ratio, our tutors can focus on your individual questions and needs. Our friendly and encouraging team creates a comfortable and effective learning environment where learning is pleasurable and where you will be happy to return for your next session.


Every tutor at Star Study Academy is here because they love helping students succeed. When you come in for a session, you’ll see the constant encouragement and positive reinforcement that our educators have with their students. You can be assured that your tutor is professional, caring and qualified to raise your skill level to reach your language learning goals. All of our tutors are certified and college-educated, holding teaching certifications . In addition to the intensive training they must complete to become an educator, our tutors undergo ongoing training in the latest teaching methods and curriculum.


1. Academic Evaluation

The first step of our approach gets to the root of your academic needs using an academic evaluation. This evaluation identifies the specific areas where you are having difficulties, and shows our tutors where they need to focus to help you succeed in all key language learning areas.

02. Customized Learning Program

Based on the results of the academic evaluation, our highly trained and qualified tutors build a personalized learning program for you. We spend every moment of your tutoring sessions focused on your individual needs.

03. Certified Tutors

Every Star Study Academy tutor is certified and trained extensively on the most effective teaching methods. Our tutors are passionate about helping you raise your language proficiency and fluency.

04. One-to-One Attention

Unlike other tutoring centers, we give students one-to-one attention in the areas where they need help. Our experienced tutors guide you while encouraging you to learn and focus on learning strategies independently.

05. Partnership and Communication with Each Student

Periodically, our staff can meet with you to keep you informed of your individual progress areas and to point out areas of need. By working together with our students, we can collectively provide the attention and guidance you need on your educational journey.

06. Greater Confidence and Motivation

Many students get caught in a cycle that develops when they become frustrated with the learning process and consequently give up. We break this cycle by helping you master skills that are critical to boosting your confidence, which strengthens your motivation to learn.