Welcome To Star Study Academy!

STAR STUDY ACADEMY is welcoming the new school year 2020-2021 and will be open for two sessions a day weekly :
-The remote learning assistance session every morning
-And our regular After school program every afternoon
Please reserve your spot now as space is limited and we are running at half capacity during the pandemic.
Below is a brief information about our program this year :
To all Parents and Guardians.

Our Courses



Science is part of our Afterschool Program. Being a science- and technology-based academy, science is an important part of our curriculum. Students enjoy doing experiments and observing a microorganism under the microscope. It is a thrill to see our students excitement when they discover something new such as watching a chemical reaction unfold in front […]


Students develop their strategic thinking skills and gamesmanship. In every lesson students are matched up to play several games, becoming familiar with different approaches to chess strategy while learning the rules of the game. Students learn tricks to checkmate their opponent while having fun. Our chess lessons teach our students how to play fair regardless […]


Lego Robotics is part of our Afterschool Program. Students learn to build Lego models and machines while learning about the science and technology of their creations. We introduce them to exercises such as Lego Mindstorms. Some of our students participate in First Lego League and Jr. FLL.


Students receive homework help, project help, and support preparing for upcoming tests. As part of our S.T.E.A.M. afterschool program, students are required to practice their reading and math skills on a daily basis. They also do hands-on science and technology and engineering activities. Students also play board games or practice typing skills or learn coding […]