What to ask at the Parent – Teachers conference.

Communication with your child on a regular basis and at the end of each school day is an important element in your child’s education.   Unfortunately some parents are not involved as much as they should be.  Speaking with your child’s teacher at the beginning of the school year is the best time to open the discussion. Teachers usually post class requirements on the school website for example: homework, projects due, and test dates. Find out what the teacher’s expectations are for the year and what type of curriculum she has set for the students. Find out this information at the start of school and keep track of it throughout the year.  Keep track of what homework, and tests your child has coming up. Proactive parents’ children do considerably better at school.  Your child’s teacher can provide valuable insight into your child’s education. Stay in touch with the teacher throughout the school year, and be sure to ask  the following questions when you meet at the Parent-Teacher conference. Read More Below!

  • Has your child progressed since the beginning of the school year? How does his overall performance compare to other students in the class?
  • How are his homework and test taking skills?  Does he perform as well during tests as he does during regular instructional periods?
  • Can the teacher identify his strengths and weakness?  Are there any suggestion on how to improve the weaknesses?
  • If you were expecting different marks in certain subjects than appeared on your child’s report card, talk about how your expectations were different. Find out why your child received the marks she did.
  • Find out about any major programs or activities that are set for the year. Is there an annual science fair? A field trip schedule? Major projects?

As we know teachers are busy during the day.  Find out the easiest way to communicate and stay in touch with the teacher and be a proactive parent.

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