starstudyacademy.comScience Mini camps are a good way to spend the school breaks, because kids continue learning…
Ariana C.
starstudyacademy.comMy daughter loved the hands on experiments, she liked the fact that she wasn’t just watching…
Donna S.
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starstudyacademy.comAfter my son attended the science camp, he couldn’t stop talking about it…

Sung Min L.
starstudyacademy.comI am writing to thank you for tutoring me in English Conversation months from last August to this May. I have improved my English skills so much since I studied with you. The classes were really joyful for me to learn English from you because you have a lot of experience in teaching students. Most importantly, you really understand a student’s ability and encourage them to focus on avoiding making mistakes when they speak English. That is because my English speaking has been improved much faster. I will not forget the day when you cheered me not to be nervous before my job interview. It was so helpful that you prepared some interview materials and gave me practice a lot. Sometimes, you gave me very interesting magazines and the newspaper. You offered me morning coffees and snacks at the beginning of the classes with heartwarming stories. Eventually, I got a great job in New York and am working as an architect. I want to let your new students know that you are the best teacher that I have ever met. I wish for your success in your English academy and have a wonderful time with your family. Again, thank you.starstudyacademy.com
Hyun Ju Kim


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