Why is Star Study Academy so effective?

When you combine skilled Tutors with the best Programs, you achieve the greatest results! Star Study Academy tutors have a love for teaching and a talent for motivating students! Our programs will pinpoint student skill gaps then create an individualized curriculum that attacks and closes those skill gaps. We enable the student to achieve success in school on their own!

How do I know if my student needs tutoring?

Watch for the signals: Lower test grades, homework struggles, a loss of interest and other subtle signs that your child is not “getting it” and is beginning to fall behind. Early intervention prevents a cumulative build up of school problems.

How will I be able to measure my child’s progress?

Your child’s self esteem and confidence, along with attitude towards home work and school, will be the first measurable improvements. Conferences with your Star Study Academy tutor will keep you updated on your child’s progress.

Can Star Study Academy help a student who has lost motivation?

Motivating a student with low to no motivation is what we do best! Often times a student comes to us with years of academic failure that is a by product of skill gaps. This is taxing on self esteem, confidence and ultimately, motivation. By pinpointing skill gaps through our assessment, your student’s program starts at their actual skill level, making them successful immediately. Within the first few lessons, a student starts to see that they are smart and can be successful. This increases their self esteem and confidence, and when you have self esteem and confidence, you a have a motivated child!

Does Star Study Academy work with my child’s teacher or school?

Yes! Upon enrollment Star Study Academy will contact your child’s teacher to discuss classroom curriculum and performance. Having two way communications with the teacher and the school is very important in creating success for the child!

Who are Star Study Academy’s Tutors?

Our tutors are teachers who have a love of teaching! They are highly trained and certified to deliver our exclusive programs. Star Study Academy tutors not only ensure your child will learn, but also make sure your child enjoys the learning process as well!

Does Star Study Academy offer state testing preparation?

Yes, our Lets Get Reading!, Super Mathematics and Writing Express programs are focused specifically on teaching a child the skills they need to be successful in state testing scores, school and life!

What is my next step?

Simply call 1-201-943-1050 to talk with a Star Study Academy Director about how we can put your student on the path of success!